Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nekkid as the Day I was Born

I got naked in public!

Now there's a phrase I didn't think I'd ever write, much less have you read! But on March 1 this year, as part of the Mardi Gras Festival, 5000 or so gay and straight people gathered at the Opera House at 5 a.m., shucked their clothes off and spent 2 very cold hours standing naked in the forecourt of the Opera House (or as it has now been dubbed Oprah House, after Oprah's blockbuster December visit) posing for iconic photographer, Spencer Tunick, who specialises in taking photos of people at major world landmarks and in major cities like Sydney, New York and London. It was actually nowhere near as confronting as I'd expected since everyone was naked (bar the photographer and the organisers) and nudity ceased to be an issue within about 1 second of disrobing.

The funniest part was realising that by standing near the front of the pack (entirely by accident I might add since we were swept along by a wave of naked humanity) right where the media could see us ---- good point was we got interviewed by Sunrise weather presenter, Grant Denyer (I got seen by everyone I knew - who knew so many of my friends watched Sunrise at 8.30 in the morning?!); bad point was that naked photos of me popped on a few news websites! But all in all, it was a blast and I am glad I confronted any issues I might have had with it and did this once in a lifetime thing!

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