Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas and May Giant Santas Not Eat You and Those You Love (or Merely Tolerate Even)

Can you believe this?! It's 10 days people - count 'em and while others are breaking into a panic-driven sweat wondering how they will get everything done, drunk, eaten and bought in that time (so little time, so many Cadbury chocolate sultanas) - I have finished my blog, packed full of warm Christmas greetings to all my dear family and friends, and all sorts of breathtakingly fun news about my life in 2010.

What's more, I have bought most of my presents, the tree is up and covered in lights (see my arty shot below.... yes I have a future in taking photos of poorly lit objects in darkness ahead of me!), red tinsel and my usual menagerie of pop culture ornaments (Looney Tunes, Snurfs, Muppets, Sesame Street etc), flights are booked for my continent (OK semi-continent) spanning trips to Melbourne and Alstonville to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend's family and mine respectively, and I have managed to avoid opening 3 out of 4 containers of Cadbury chocolate sultanas, although I cannot guarantee that will last!

Yes it's Christmas, and as you well know its the bestest time of the entire year (with the exception of my birthday which is big too!), and I can't help but reflecting on how wonderful my year has been. I haven't quite got the novels published yet but I am getting there - I wrote the second one during a major international novel-writing 'contest' called NaNoWriMo in November which was hard work but a creative blast! - and my job has lost that thrill it once had (thank goodness I like my bosses and the people I work with!) but my relationship with my gorgeous guy Steve goes from strength to strength and that, along with my wonderful friendships and loving family means that on balance, my life is wonderful and I have much to be thankful for.

So my Christmas wish for you is that your Christmas will be a tree-shakin', belly-fillin', bon bon-crackin', lights-sparklin', tinsel-drapin', family-full Yuletide fun fest the likes of which have never been seen by man nor moose, and that 2011 will be a year that stretches your expectations, boundaries and imagination, and redefines what it means to be alive! Yes, that's a GOOD year!

Oh, and chocolate. May there be lots and lots of chocolate! Unless you're lactose intolerant, in which case, tofu and tamarind sauce!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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