Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodhi Makes His Entrance!

I am now an Uncle twice over!

The first photo of Bodhi I received

So delightfully cute!

On 23 July, my lovely sister Rachel (the baby of the family and married to a lovely guy called Michael)  gave birth to a gorgeous little boy called Bodhi, who is absolutely delightful, and has made me an Uncle as well as an Aunty (my niece Zara was born last year and continues to charm and delight everyone). I got to see him about six weeks after he was born when I headed to Alstonville for a few days in August where all the shots below were taken) and since I don't see him all that often, I ended up holding him more often than I didn't during his many naps, and loved it! There is something so wonderfully calming being surrounded by family members that you love, and holding safe in your arms, the newest member of this family as he snuggles into you. It was tough to say goodbye to him when I flew back to Sydney, but I am looking forward to lots of Bodhi time this Christmas, as well as trying to keep up with a very energetic Zara!

Holding Bodhi and adoring every moment

Proud grandmother holds her snuggly grandson

With his loving Dad

Sleeping with the panda I bought in that day - see they have bonded already!

Bodhi with his adoring Mum, my lovely sister Rachel

In the middle of all this Bodhi bonding, I got to spend some time with my adorable niece Zara and celebrate the birthday that I ddin't get to celebrate when her mum, my sister Helen, got chicken pox in early July. Yep, you read that night - the mother, not the daughter, got the chicken pox! So just a month later, I seized the chance to give Zara her present and get to know my sweet bundle-o'-energy niece, who's taken swimmingv lessons, and loves visits to the park and the kids' TV program In The Night Garden, a little better...

Since this is Bobhi's year to make an entrance, I thought it only fitting that he finish off his part of the blog with two very cute photos of himself in early December this year, looking ever more gorgeous. I can't wait to see him in person again - it will be a very special Christmas!

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