Sunday, December 5, 2010

While I Make an Exit....

From my apartment...
Friday night of the move and we settled in for pizza al a floor using only the best butcher's paper for a tablecloth. Livin' large my friends, livin' large!

My house mate Aidan and some of the boxes & tubs we grew to loathe

Steve and the Great Walls of Boxes on the Thursday night before even one box had found its way to the new apartment

Yes I moved again! What ho, and what fun it is to pack up all your worldly goods, disrupt your life for at least 6 weeks, and cart said goods to a new location away from all you have grown to cherish and love (like the view of the driveway into my building; seriously, I loved sitting on the balcony of my top floor apartment taking in all the movement in the complex while enjoying cooling breezes and a crisp white wine and cheese). Thankfully, we were given reasonable notice of the landlord's sale of the apartment, although the sale went through uber-quickly with only the minimum time allowed between sale and settlement, and the real estate agent did give us first choice on the available apartments to rent in the complex (although they then proceeded to treat us like any other new prospective tenant which was annoying). The good news with cherries on top? We only had to move to the next building in the complex, which was connected directly to the old one, and while a move is a move is a move with all the stress, sweat and exhaustion regardless of distance travelled, at least we were able to move everything under our own steam at night and on the weekend (in direct contravention I might add of the complex's moving policy; yep I'm bad to the bone baby!), and get back to clean with minimum fuss.... and the new place is nigger, brighter and better and we're loving it. Just don't ask me to move any time soon please!

...and from being overweight....

I always heard people talk about Happy Fat, you know the fat you get when you enter a long term relationship, and are deliriously content and happy, but had never experienced it for myself till the start of 2009 when I started a relationship with the most beautiful guy in the world, a relationship that is still going strong, and getting better all the time. Prior to that time I was usually swimming and walking heaps, activities that didn't keep going with anything like the same frequency as the relationship developed, something I didn't regret at the time since I wanted to spend every waking moment with Steve, and  savour a relationship I had begun to suspect would never happen for me with anyone. I am still as happy as I was with him but decided in August after one too many tubby shots at various events, that I wanted to be happy and thin, so I went back to swimming and walking and healthy eating with a vengeance, and so far have dropped 8-9 kgs and slimmed back to almost the size I was when Steve & I first got to know each other well at a New Year's Eve party. I am loving feeling thin and energetic again although sticking to healthy eating can be a challenge when everyone else is eating whatever they want. But I am back in all my favourite clothes, and life is good!

I often go walking or swimming with my friend Warren (who lives a block away from me) at Sydney Park across the road, or at the pool in my complex. It's great to have companionship when exercising!

Hey I am having fun! Yes fun! No really, FUN! Seriously now....

Of course Christmas could derail things a little but I have every intention of enjoying the season and then resuming what is really a healthy lifestyle now. Chocolate-covered sultanas anyone?

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